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The origin of Theosophy and the beginning of the New Age Religion





The founder and guiding light of theosophy was a woman named Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891). She spent more than twenty years traveling the world, meeting with experts in the occult. She was initiated into secret societies all over the globe. She studied in Egypt, Mexico, Tibet, Canada, and the United States, where she met Colonel Henry Olcott (1832-1907). He was a scientist and a lawyer who had been investigating the new phenomenon of Spiritualism  for years. The two of them formed the Theosophical Society in 1875, convinced that science and the occult supernatural could expand both mind and spiritual power. In 1878 Blavatsky published Isis Revealed, in which she looked to the wisdom of the ancient masters for guidance in the modern world.

It soon became obvious to them that real wisdom could only be found in the East. So they traveled to India, where they established their headquarters in Madras, thus they linked  their understanding of Theosophy with both Buddhism and Hinduism. They took such a proactive position for Indian independence from Britain and so become friends  with the local Hindu intellectual community, and then Theosophy began to flourish.

Mrs Blavatsky published her most important work, The Secret Doctrines, in 1888 . It shows a lot of Hindu spiritual influence  with its imagery of the One universal principle, which flows through all things, fighting through creation and then returning to the One. All reality is one universal consciousness. Humans, existing at different spiritual levels, are linked to the One.

Later Theosophical leaders developed a whole master hierarchy. Solar Logos rules the

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" Know yourself "the origin, the meaning and the purpose, explained by René Guénon 3/3

vota platon

Without this understanding , no teaching can lead to an efficient result , and teaching that does not awaken in those who received it a personal resonance can not provide any kind of knowledge. This is why Plato said that ” everything that man learns is already in him.” All experiences , all the external things around are indeed an opportunity to help him realize what is in himself . this awakening is what Plato calls anamnesis , which means ” remembrance “.

If this is true for all knowledge, this is even more for a higher and deep knowledge, and when the man advance to this knowledge, all exterior and sensitive resources become increasingly inadequate, until ‘ they finally lose all utility . If they can help to get close to the wisdom to some degree , they are powerless to actually acquire it and it is commonly said in India that the real guru or master is in man himself and not in the outside world , although an exterior help may be useful in the beginning to prepare man to find in himself and by himself what he can not find elsewhere, and particularly what is above the level of rational knowledge . In order to achieve this knowledge ,it s necessary to realize some states which get more deep towards the center , which is symbolized by the heart , where the consciousness of man must be transferred to make him able to reach the real knowledge.

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" Know yourself "the origin, the meaning and the purpose, explained by René Guénon 2/3


So there is a preparation for the wisdom which is higher than philosophy , which doesnot concern  the reason, but the soul and spirit , and we can call it inner preparation , and it seems it had been the highest levels of the school of Pythagoras . It has extended its influence through the school of Plato to the neo -Platonism of the Alexandrian school , where it appears  clearly again . If for this inner preparation words are still used , these  could no longer be taken only as symbols for fixing the inner contemplation.By this preparation , man is led to some states that allow him to exceed the rational knowledge that he  previously achieved , and  as all this is above the level of reason , its was also above philosophy since the name of philosophy is always used in fact to describe something that belongs only to the reason  . However, it is surprising that  modern  consider philosophy as if it were complete in itself , and so they forget what is higher . .

The first philosophers, especially Pythagoras , had consider their education , as being a new expression of the old ideas . There were several kinds of mysteries with diverse origins. Those that inspired Pythagoras and Plato were related to the cult of Apollo . “Mysteries” always had a reserved and secret character , the word “mystery”  itself  means etymologically the  total silence , since things which are related to could not be expressed by words , but only taught by a silent way . But modern who ignore any other method which doesnt involve the use of words,  falsely believed ,  that there was no teaching . We can say that this silent teaching was using figures , symbols, and other means designed to bring man to the inner states allowing him to gradually achieve the  real knowledge or wisdom  . This was the essential and ultimate goal of all the “mysteries” .

As for the “mysteries” that were specifically related to the cult of Apollo and Apollo himself , it must be remembered that he was the God of sun and light ,in the spiritual sense it s   the source from where  all knowledge  , arts and sciences derive.

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L’Écorce et le noyau dans toutes les religions



Exotérisme et ésotérisme, ces deux domaines respectifs sont définit par les soufis comme suit: le premier, accessible au plus grand nombre, constitue, d’après une métaphore utilisée par Ibn Arabi, l’« écorce » de la doctrine, tandis que le second en est le « noyau » et est réservé à une « élite », seule apte à en tirer véritablement profit.

Cette distinction entre ésotérisme et exotérisme, se rencontre dans la plupart des traditions orthodoxes,.mais, la tradition islamique est  peut-être celle où est marquée le plus nettement la distinction de  l’exotérisme et de l’ésotérisme, la voie exotérique, , étant représentée par la shariyah, et est commune à tous,  tandis que la « vérité » intérieure, réservée à l’élite , est appelée haqiah. Cet ésotérisme  n’est point quelque chose de nouveau ou surajouté à la doctrine islamique, quelque chose qui serait venu s’y adjoindre après coup et du dehors, mais  en est au contraire une partie essentielle puisque, sans lui, elle serait manifestement incomplète, quant à son principe même.

Ce cœur de la doctrine est en même temps ce qui est commun à toutes les traditions spirituelles

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The error and the impasse of the modern psychology


The requirement imposed on anyone who wants to practice psychoanalysis as a profession is to be first ” psychoanalyzed ” himself..So from what source did the first psychoanalyst obtain the “power ” that they communicate to their disciples, and by whom where they themselves ” psychoanalyzed in the first place..from what source then did modern psychology first originated ??

This question touches upon the very kernel of this issue !

No psychology or science of the soul without Metaphysic

An authentic and integral psychology needs a priori to be rooted in and intrinsically connected to a spiritual tradition in order to be effective. Indeed each orthodox spiritual tradition contains a corresponding integral psychology, since the spirit simultaneously supersedes the psyche and includes it, however the reverse is not true for the psychology , as the psyche is always subordinated to what is higher than it , namely spirit..

We racall an illuminating point that speaks to the unanimity of all integral psychologies that correspond to their traditional spiritualities before the rupture of the modern world “ There is no science of the soul without a metaphysical basis to it and without spiritual remedies at it s disposal “

Modern psychology has not only radically left but negates it s metaphysical origin, it now seeks to cure the mind in isolation rather than recognize the separation of the soul from the spiritual domain as the roots of the problem.

Indeed , the word “mental” is often used to indicate the domain which has been explored by western psychologist and which is often expressed by the word ” psyche” so as to avoid religious inferences suggested by the word ” soul” and his

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La religion telle que conçue de nos jours

Pour le plus grand nombre, est sans aucun doute,  la religion n’est plus  qu’une affaire de sentiment, sans aucune portée intellectuelle ; on confond la religion avec une vague religiosité, on la réduit à une morale ; on diminue le plus possible la place de la doctrine, qui est pourtant tout l’essentiel, ce dont tout le reste ne doit être logiquement qu’une conséquence… N’insistons pas sur l’aveuglement de ceux qui, sous prétexte de « tolérance », se font les

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