The error and the impasse of the modern psychology


The requirement imposed on anyone who wants to practice psychoanalysis as a profession is to be first ” psychoanalyzed ” himself..So from what source did the first psychoanalyst obtain the “power ” that they communicate to their disciples, and by whom where they themselves ” psychoanalyzed in the first place..from what source then did modern psychology first originated ??

This question touches upon the very kernel of this issue !

No psychology or science of the soul without Metaphysic

An authentic and integral psychology needs a priori to be rooted in and intrinsically connected to a spiritual tradition in order to be effective. Indeed each orthodox spiritual tradition contains a corresponding integral psychology, since the spirit simultaneously supersedes the psyche and includes it, however the reverse is not true for the psychology , as the psyche is always subordinated to what is higher than it , namely spirit..

We racall an illuminating point that speaks to the unanimity of all integral psychologies that correspond to their traditional spiritualities before the rupture of the modern world “ There is no science of the soul without a metaphysical basis to it and without spiritual remedies at it s disposal “

Modern psychology has not only radically left but negates it s metaphysical origin, it now seeks to cure the mind in isolation rather than recognize the separation of the soul from the spiritual domain as the roots of the problem.

Indeed , the word “mental” is often used to indicate the domain which has been explored by western psychologist and which is often expressed by the word ” psyche” so as to avoid religious inferences suggested by the word ” soul” and his

separation in general of modern psychology and modern science has had catastrophe effects on the world we live in..

Since modern psychology can trace neither it s origin nor the continuity of it s transmission to what is sacred and transcendent, so it can be only a historical products as well as all modern science

The perennial tradition however insists that ” the higher cannot proceed and emanate from the lower ” which is to say that the human psyche or the empirical ego cannot transcend itself ” the psychic cannot be treated by the psychic ” without the benediction of what is higher than itself and it s about this that Sigmund Freud described the empirical ego as ” the true seat of anxiety ” here he unconsciously high lightened it s limitations for only what is integrally spiritual can act as the true antidote for the modern malaise..

No matter what theory or methodology the modern psychologist or therapist employs, although it may appear at first glance to be insightful or helpful, it s still bound to what is relative and subjective because limited to the domain of individual interpretation , which consequently has nothing to do with intellectual or spiritual domain.

What is missing from modern diagnosis and treatment of mental illness is the understanding of time and the human psyche in light of traditional cosmology : The unfolding of time contrary to contemporary schemas of ” evolution” and progress ” was unanimously perceived in pre-modern times to be cyclical..Time begins with human individuals living in proximity to the sacred, but by it s passing , individuals become farther and farther removed from it, the psychological implication of this is the human psyche, disconnected from the spirit, becomes farther and farther removed from it s source , the DIVINE. Its this distance from the spiritual domain that causes the human psyche to become fragmented and imbalanced, so the present day disequilibrium is firmly contextualized within what all ancient tradition called ” the dark age “…

It s very important to notice here that this “dark age ” we live in now is not only the time where there is no longer anything but problems without solution, nor the time when the sacred ceases to exist, it s the time when everything that fundamentally opposes the spiritual passes itself off spiritual, this means that psychology or therapy has blurred or even usurped the role of traditional spirituality; Indeed it has been said that ” if science is the religion, then psychotherapy is its place for worship ” . Psychoanalysis is then one of those mass movements which are both cause and consequence of the spiritual decay..Indeed  the image of man represented to us by modern psychology is not only fragmentary , but it s pitiable..In reality, man is as if suspended between animality and divinity, now modern thought admits only animality..

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