The secular religious state in Arab world

There is a premise in studying the middle east politics, states that the Arab states which are being ruled by military generals have always been in conflict with an internal opposition which is mostly represented by what so called Islamists or religious groups –we have an objection on this terminology but we will use it unfortunately used by the majority who are involved in studying politics- but in the wake of the what so called the Arab spring  and its revolutions, the premise was collapsed and startlingly, the enmity and hostility between both the secular regime and the Islamists movements turned to union and a bloody coalition to crush the opponents of the system which in our view point both parties  are belonged.

We can notice those contradictions in the beginning of the Egyptian revolution, represented by the mutual allegiance between the Muslim brotherhood organization and the Egyptian army which represent the secular materialistic pragmatic regime, the coalition which was criticized by the majority of the Egyptian intellectuals, has been collapsed by the greed hummer of the army because it did not want to allow other party especially the Islamists to take over authority in Egypt, which will lead the army be as a tool or just a group of scattered generals take orders from group of Islamists who were in the close past imprisoned and tortured by the generals themselves, and will lead them to stay far from the army business and its corruption which estimated by 60 % percent of the Egyptian economy, so it is cake worthy fighting!

The generals were obliged to establish this coalition to hijack the Egyptian revolution itself in a fashion of rescuing Egypt from a fate resembles the fate of Syria or a Taliban- regime alike style in Egypt,

These tactics succeeded partially to reduce the popularity of the Islamists in Egypt, but it did not finish them or rather it consolidated the idea of armed revolution and armed resistance against the regime of Egypt.

And this is the most dangerous idea could be embraced by the extremists which was rooted in the mind set of all Islamists after the bloody military coup which resulted in thousands of death toll.

As we have mentioned above that the Arab regimes need in continuous way the support from other religious party so the had seek the support of the Egyptian church before they proceeded their military coup, and the most hilarious issue about this new coalition that the church was the enemy of the army and the Islamists during the Islamists rule, This hostility reached its peak at “Maspero” demonstration which many Christians were crushed under the iron wheel chains of the Egyptian tanks and armored vehicles !!!

This is the way at which the secular regime rules the middle east, incase if the regime is about to collapse the secular regimes tend to ally with the Islamists but when the state appears to recover its stability, the secular regime plots a massacre or genocide for the Islamists as we have seen in the dreadful massacre of Rabaa  in the heart of Cairo, in which thousands of Islamists have been crushed under the iron wheels chains of the Egyptian army tanks and armored vehicles.

After this massacre the secular regime seeks to ally with another religious group so it altered his old coalition and allied with the church which was his yesterday enemy!!!

This is the cycle of the secular religious regimes.

We have here to affirm our opinion by referring to other Arab regimes which embrace the same filthy tactics.

The BAATH party in Iraq which now is allying with the Wahabi Salafi Islamists (Islamic state) in a bid of fighting and destroying the current brittle Shitte regime ruling Iraq (Iran Puppet), but as it is known that both BAATH parties in Iraq and Syria  were very secular ultra nationalists parties which were opposing the Islamists and there movements as they used to see it as a reactionary movements.

In Syria the BAATH party is allying now with Shitte Islamists who are being supported by Iran in the bid of get rid of the Salafi Wahabi (Islamic state) movements which try to topple Bashar Al-Asad and his regime.

Another startling example, is the collaboration of pro-former regime in Libya and the tripe people of the former president of Libya Muammer Gaddafi with Islamic state of Libya

But how come all these contradictions in the middle east politics are accumulated and result in a very strange coalition of incomprehensible repulsive powers which appear to repel each others?

The simple answer of this difficult question is lay on the studying of the modern history of this region from different perspective.

As it is well known that the current secular regimes in the middle east and the regimes which appear theocratic but in its essence are very secular, are all to be without exception were funded, supported and established by the western powers precisely English and French, for that reason the middle eastern regimes are called the Sykes-Picot regimes.

The English and French have plotted the map of the middle east and distribute the domestic powers and divide the nations in a fashion to guarantee that there will not be any stability in the region, this is of-course has nothing to do with the belief of that western powers divided and destabilized middle east for assuring a steady state safe supply of the petrol to the western corporations which are represented by the western governments not western people.

So in the sake of attaining these goals, the western powers established two identical regimes, the first regime is represented by the Arab regimes and the second one is represented by Israel.

The two regimes apparently seem to be against each others, but factually there presence affirm the presence of each one, and justify its policies, and each regime in itself considers the presence of the other’s presence a vital parameter for its activities in his domain sphere, so there was no surprise that finally the truth emerge, and both sides proclaim an agreement of peace which has many different manifestations depending on the nature of each regime, albeit it is obviously this conflict has a theatrical nature but both Arabs and jaws are not aware of it.

Western powers were aware that both regimes oppose each other apparently not substantially, so it was a vital need for western powers in parallel of establishing these regimes to fund and support the religious groups in the middle east which represent the the middle eastern regimes germs of destruction, which act as an element of its deterioration, or as an antibody but in its case it subverts the regime itself when it is triggered by the western power.

As it is well known all religious groups in the Middle East have connections with western powers and have been reviving constantly by them.

We acknowledge here in explicit way that we are not against Muslims, Jews or westerners or any other group of people, we are only denounce strongly their regimes, wars and its revolutions

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