When the Sky’s Doom closes

As the the end of the times approaches, the sky’s doom will be closed to the prayers of the repenting to God, it is well known among the majority of Muslims, but why ? This is very important question which its answer will reveal a lot of the incomprehensible events and activities in our modern world .
It is well understood among those who practice sufism and whom are against it -satanists- that the saints and good pious righteous persons are the main cause for the descending of God’s mercy on earth, so it was a vital need for those whom follow the opposite way of the divine guidance to distract the humans away by very different means which all of it have a common sense of divine opposition, like wars which push people to atheism, glorifying ego, porn contents on broadcasted media, and the very atheistic philosophies which oppose the true spiritual essence of the old traditions .
Cause this will result in decreasing the faith and spiritual activities on the earth, which will inevitably means the disappearing and scarceness of the saints and the guided persons from the earth which will be followed by the closing of the Sky’s Doom .
Which is for me just a symbol for the no descending of the mercy of the God, cause most of people will no more worship or pray the almighty God .

But is there any physical meaning or explanation for such event, i mean the Sky’s Doom closing  ?
I think yes, although i have just said above that it is a symbol, but this symbol might be explained in other way .
It seems that God made the descending of his mercy upon earth conditioned by the prayers of his true believers on the earth, so we might say from a pure physical materialistic sense that the Sky’s Doom tends always to be closed but these process of closing has been resisting by the power of the believers prayers, so once these power fade and become weak, the Sky’s Doom will be closed .
Sound and light have very special powerful roles in all tradition, cause holy books are pronounced and read by sounds, and the power of God was represented by the verb BE كن so his willing represented by a word, word of God in the Islamic religion, and his revealations to all humans were represented and kept in books, and also the faith of beleivers in all traditions and religions have to be manifested through prayers to the almighty God, and we understand well that prayers is a pure acoustical spiritual activity which will give the rise to light to immerse the believer .
Light in our tradition is very sacred and it is a well known to all Muslims that God is light of skies and the earth الله نور السماوات و الارض as it was manifested in the Holy Quran, so there is no use here to go deep on this issue although it is very important but Muslims in general have a good background about it .
In addition to that all traditions have a consensus that the saints, wise men, and good believers have somehow Halos of light around their faces, or radiates light !
From all above we conclude the very spiritual role of both light and sound which will be translated to a physical action we do not know a lot about it but we might have a general idea about its very vital role in the prayers .
So in the light of that we can say doubtless that our prayers particularly our sounds in addition to our spiritual state which is linked to our intention and our true understanding of the pure metaphysics collectively on the level of all humanity have very strong physical materialistic and spiritual effectiveness in preventing the Sky’s Doom from being close.
Finally i have to say that the modern studies conducted about sound, i mean acoustical physics studies and modern mechanical vibrations studies lack a lot of facts, i mean considering sound as a pure mechanical vibration wave which vanish after while, is very dull and misleading and do not touch the truth, it is very materialistic view point, we dare to say that most of sciences suffer from this mechanical materialistic view point although its spiritual effect .
But modern quantum mechanics studies about light and atomic physics, have begun to intersect with some metaphysical aspects which we might say it is a good start to amend the modern view point about the relation between science and religion.
All what have been written above is just a thoughts and represent my very understanding to the holy texts, so my understanding may be wrong, and i bare no responsibility if you believe in it blindly, kindly if you have been persuaded by the writings, please conduct your own search .

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