The invasion of west, a satanic mission


When resistance to a foreign invasion is done by a  Western nation , it is called “patriotism” and is worthy of all the praise , when it is done by eastern people it’s called ” fanaticism ” or ” xenophobia “and deserves all hatred and disdain..

Besides, it s not by the name of ” Right ” and “Freedom ” and “Justice” and ” Civilization ” that the Europeans are trying to impose their domination , and forbid any one to live and to think otherwise they do  ?,

There is in the West now only two kinds of people , who are not better and interesting than each others : the naive and silly who allow themselves to beleive in  these big words and believe in their “civilizing mission” , unaware that they are materialistic barbarism  , and the tricky skilled  wo abuse of these silly people to satisfy their instincts of violence and greed.

In any case, what  is certain, is that  easterns have never threatened anyone and never thought much to invade the West in one way

or another ;


  The West invades everything , that’s undeniable

it s  work was first performed in the material realm , who was immediately at  it s hand , either by violent conquest or by trade and monopolization of resources of all peoples , but  things went  even more far , Western , always driven by the need to proselytize which caracterise them ,could   penetrate among others, their minds, way of thinking,  and materialistic, antitraditionel and anti religious views,  and while the first form of invasion, reached only  the body , the second killed the  intelligences and poisoned the spirituality ,one has also prepared the other and made it possible , so that it is ultimately only by brute force that the West has managed to impose itself everywhere and it could not be otherwise , because it civilization lies only  on material strength .

The Western invasion is invasion of materialism in all its forms , and it cannot   be other than that ,  so all the hypocrites disguises , all moralists excuses,  all these  humanitarian declamations , ( rights, freedom, justice etc ) and all this propaganda was “adequate and appropriate  ” only  to better achieve the main purpose which is  destruction of the east, this  painful truth ,is  contested and denied only  by the naive or those who have any interest in this satanic mission


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