The origin of contemporary secularism and it s consequences on the modern civilization..

Humanism,   a group of philosophies and ethical perspectives , born in 16 th century, which emphasize the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively, and generally prefers individual thought and evidence (rationalism, empiricism) over established doctrine or faith,  was the first form of what has subsequently become contemporary secularism;  according to this definition,  secularism is therefore, the negation of any principle higher than individuality, and the consequence is the reduction of the civilization, in all its branches, to purely human elements; this is the characteristic feature of the ‘ secular , profane point of view’ .

secularism necessarily implies the refusal to accept any authority higher than the individual, as well as any means of knowledge higher than individual reason; these two attitudes are inseparable, so it begins by denaturing religion and,

when it can, ends by suppressing it entirely…This outlook is not entirely new; it had already appeared in other periods, but its manifestations were always limited , and they never went so far as to overrun the whole of a civilization, as has happened during recent centuries in the West..

What has never been seen before is the erection of an entire civilization on something purely negative, on what indeed could be called the absence of principle; and it is this that what gives to the modern world its abnormal character and makes it as it is.. The existence of this abnormal civilization can be understood only when we believe that it corresponds at the last cycle of our it must be like that..Nothing and nobody is any longer in the right place; men no longer recognize any effective authority in the spiritual order or any legitimate power in the temporal; the ‘profane’ presume to discuss what is sacred, and to contest its character and even its existence; the inferior judges the superior, ignorance sets bounds to wisdom, error prevails over truth, the human is substituted for the Divine, earth has priority over Heaven, the individual sets the measure for all things and claims to dictate to the universe laws drawn entirely from his own relative and fallible reason….

 Written by Maya


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